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Discover the story of Walking Holidays Croatia: Our passion, team, and commitment to creating unforgettable, tailored walking and hiking tours.

Hello there, I'm Klemen, the manager at Walking Holidays Croatia.

Over the years, our passion for outdoor adventures has seen us grow into one of the fastest-rising multi-day walking and hiking holiday companies in Europe.

After establishing a prominent presence in several European countries, it was a logical progression for us to extend our love for walking holidays to Croatia. This enchanting land allowed us to offer more people the joy of experiencing these types of holidays, catering to a range of preferences from the less demanding to the more challenging adventures.

Our exquisite self-guided packages cover everything from leisurely, sightseeing-oriented holidays along the enchanting Dalmatian Coast, to more robust hiking tours in spellbinding National Parks such as Paklenica and Velebit.

Looking over dubrovnik
Walking tours suitable for the whole family

The People Who Make Your Walking Adventures Possible

Our team is a dynamic collection of individuals united by a shared enthusiasm for active holidays, particularly walking and hiking.

We don’t just plan holidays; we live them, and it’s our mission to help others experience the thrill, beauty, and sense of achievement we derive from each trip. We are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences, sharing the hidden gems of Croatia, and bringing you closer to nature.

Here’s how we make it happen: we handle all the logistics so that you can focus on enjoying the walk. We meticulously book the accommodations, provide detailed itineraries, supply GPS routes, and offer 24/7 support. Every step you take in Croatia, you’ll have the backing of an experienced and passionate team ensuring your journey is smooth, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Plitvice national park hikers
Hiking around the emerald green Plitvice Lakes

Experience the Best of Croatia with Us

This stunning country boasts an array of diverse regions, each bursting with unique opportunities for memorable walks. Its geographical diversity, rich history, and vibrant culture are a walker’s dream, with countless trails to explore and marvel at the breathtaking scenery.

As you plan your next holiday, we invite you to explore the variety of self-guided walking holidays that we offer. Each one is carefully designed to capture the best of Croatia’s breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, and enchanting history.

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Discover the joy of our self-guided walking holidays in Croatia — from leisurely walks along the Dalmatian coast to adventurous hiking in the national parks.
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